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Mission: To Provide an Affirmative
National Voice by Promoting the Prosperity
and Dignity of the Hawaiian Nation.

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Press Release - January 9, 2006
Health & Wellness Of Hawaiian Nation
Focus Of Events at `Iolani Palace
January 13-15, 2006

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    Much has happened in the past 110 years and Hawaiians, native or not, resisting an imperfect (and mostly incorrect) history thrust upon them through the public school system, have embraced opportunities to set things right. The Living Nation is a product of this willingness to embrace historic truth and to affirm that our ancestors left a legacy of strength and credibility, of resistance and solidarity, for us to claim and act upon. We are recipients of new and timely information relating to the events leading up to the 'overthrow' of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 and the subsequent 'annexation' of the independent nation of Hawai`i.

    To many these statements may seem inflammatory and anti-American. But they are statements of truth, and natives as well as other descendents of the original subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom, no matter what position they espouse today abut the proper course to re-establish our Hawaiian nation, all share and must claim the same history.

    Today we can see ourselves as either victims of a brutal display of power exercised upon us through occupation by American forces in our homeland, or we can be empowered by the knowledge that our ancestors did not give it over easily, and thus we are called upon to do the same. The Living Nation calls to sovereignty proponents to pick up the challenge laid down by our ancestors, to honor our ali`i and our kupuna who resisted fiercely a wrong that was done to them and was, subsequently, carried into the future, impacting us, their descendents. Our `Ohana who signed the petitions against annexation and in support of the monarchy sent us a message, timely in its appeal "Imua na poki`i!" The protests worked. There was no Treaty of Annexation. America, in its desperation to own these strategically placed islands, somehow 'annexed' us through a document called the Newlands Resolution, a public law internal to the US, with no power to extend its reach across the sea to our independent nation. The full implications of this illegal action in our times have yet to be revealed. But knowledge of it and of our ancestors' resistance against it, have fueled the movement in a way that nothing else could. From the 1993 Onipa`a march and rally of resistance, to the 1998 celebration "We Are Who We Were: From Resistance to Affirmation," a story has emerged of growth in understanding and commitment to make right the wrongs of the past. Let us, as younger sisters and brothers in resistance, move forward to make right and claim what is ours.

   The Living Nation Campaign, spearheaded by Mel Kalahiki, calls us to remember what came before and why. The Living Nation celebrates the people as the nation, still here after a century of attempts by settlers to wash us away with false information and creative history. In a real sense, those who would keep us bound to an incorrect history resist the truth in the same way that we have always resisted the falsehoods. We can sympathize. But our responsibility is to our Nation, to the people, lands, and resources that must thrive in order for the Nation to be strong. To this end we strive to create opportunities "to provide an affirmative national voice by promoting the prosperity and dignity of the Hawaiian kingdom."

    In 1993, President Clinton and the US Congress formally apologized for the illegal act of war, acknowledging that Hawaiian nationhood and sovereignty has in fact never been extinguished.

   "We intend to show Hawai`i, the United States and the world that we are a living nation indeed and we will accept nothing less than our full independence returned," declared Kalahiki.



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